IDX Test

Best Test Summary
  1. This test is from the perspective of your website visitors and potential clients.
  2. We never show commission rates to your clients, so you won’t see commission rates on this test.
  3. However, only locator friendly properties are displayed in the search results.
  4. This is the front-end search from your website, potential clients would use to search on their own and create their own list.
  5. For this test we are showing every locator friendly property in the search results, but on your IDX, you can add a minimum rent filter and a minimum commission filter for your website visitors.
  6. Every time a potential client registers on your IDX, you will receive an email notification so you can go into the back end and see their search results and saved properties.
  7. The goal of this test is for you to see what your website visitors would see and provide us with positive and negative feedback so we can make changes or address your concerns.